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Many things will cause subluxation. Simply put, physical stress, chemical stress, and emotional stress can all cause subluxation. We call these the “three T’s”! Thoughts, traumas, and toxins.Physical traumas include car accidents, slips and falls, and sport injuries. However, the most commonly overlooked traumas occur on a daily basis. These are: repetitive motions, poor posture, improper ergonomics at home and in the workplace, which can all lead to imbalanced spinal musculature.Chemical stress is caused by improper nutrients or an unhealthy diet, drug and alcohol use, and the ingestion of chemical toxins. This exposure is almost impossible to avoid 100% due to common additives in our foods and water supply. Chemical stressors reduce our body’s capacity tolerate the environment that we are in.Emotional causes, or “thoughts” in the 3 T’s, refer to stress. Excessive stress or inadequate stress-management skills can deplete the body of the ability to sustain normal functions. The impact of emotional stress on physical health is well documented and has destructive effects on the immune system, making the body susceptible to injury and disease.


Doctors of chiropractic learn a number of different chiropractic techniques to correct vertebral subluxations. At Anchor family Chiropractic, our doctors use the most advanced and researched technique available, Torque Release Technique.

Torque Release bases its technique on a gentle adjustment by using a hand-held instrument- The Integrator. This low-force chiropractic adjusting method allows the nervous system to better integrate and process information sent to and from your brain. With this specific technique, your spinal corrections do not stop once you get off the table. They continue as you breathe and move to provide long lasting results.

Subluxations generally require multiple adjustments for true healing. Just like braces straightening teeth, correcting subluxations require time for body to accept this new position as "normal".