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Meet Natalie, She has been with us since June 2020. Natalie is the hardest working, most responsible mature teenager we know. She graduated from Jackson County High school in 2022 and will continue her education at the University of North Georgia. Her ultimate dream is to become a Chiropractor. She can not wait to serve the community and make change for the better.



Meet Emma! Emma has been part of our team since November of 2020! Emma is a super women, a step ahead of everyone else and a mom of twins! When she is not working she is on the baseball fields cheering on her kids! Emma is very passionate, hardworking, dedicated, and organized. We are so excited that she has decided to continue her education and become a Doctor of Chiropractic!  Our team is so thankful for her wisdom, work ethic, and her ability to get us laughing.



Autumn is one of the newest team members! She has been with us since April of 2021! She graduated from North Hall in 2020 and her long term goal is to become large animal vet! She always has a smile on her face and ready to learn!

Meet the Assistants: Team Members
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