What to expect on your first visit...

1. Application for Care
The new patient application helps us better understand your history and how we can best serve your needs in our office. They are emailed to you and should be submitted before your visit.

Your application can also be found here:

Adult Application

Pediatric Application

chiropractic intake form
office tour chiropractic

2. Office Tour
We want you to feel comfortable and right at home! We give you a tour of our office so you can take ownership of your health.

3. Consultation
We discuss, one-on-one, your history, health concerns and specific goals to work towards while under care in our office.

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thermal scan chiropractor
chiropractic xrays

4. Exam and Postural X-Rays
Your health is your most valuable asset and should be treated accordingly. Therefore, you will receive a neurological evaluation to get an exact assessment of how your nervous system is currently functioning. We then, if necessary, utilize digital x-ray technology to analyze the structure of your spine. These exam procedures and x-rays enable us to provide you with the highest quality of care.

5. Report of Findings

After analyzing exam results and x-ray findings, the doctors will determine whether or not they can accept your case. If your case is accepted, the New Patient Report of Findings is your follow up visit.

Knowledge is a key component of your health journey. The more you know, the better health decisions you can make for you and your family. At this visit, the doctors discuss exactly what recommendations your spine needs to heal.

chiropractic education
chiropractic education

6. Plan for Care

At your New Patient Report of Findings, we will review all of  your exam & x-ray results from the first visit with you. If we are able to accept your case, we will discuss our recommendations for your plan of care based off of your specific needs. Then, you will receive the first neurologically based adjustment!

The AFC Experience

Your long term health is our #1 priority. That’s why we focus on true correction rather than temporary relief. We will create a customized care plan specifically designed to fit your health needs, so that you can experience life at its highest level.